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In this iteration of the meta, we bring to you a jumbotron. Yup, it's big, has rounded corners (I think) and makes an h1 even bigger, and then you just need to write some catchy bs to fill the big empty space. Should be easy enough.


Occasionally, I blog about stuff. Although this is still a relatively rare occurance, I'll try to put some tutorials / projects that I find interesting on there, or just my thoughts on some subject.

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In my latest blog post, I rant about how I hate people who use » as a glyph istead of an arrow, in navigationl menus or buttons for instance. If this syntactical deformation is an issue you want to hear a rant about, please press the button below.

LoL abuse of raquo »


Some projects I'm working on are hosted here. This will take you to the login portal, where, once identified, you can view and work on them.